CV: Maren L. Friesen


September 2008present

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Department of Molecular and Computational Biology

University of Southern California


September 2008 PhD Population Biology

University of California, Davis (Sergey Nuzhdin, Chair)

May 2003 BSc Combined Honors Mathematics and Biology (Ecology and Environmental Biology)

University of British Columbia

Research/Teaching Experience

Spring 2010 USC BIO 509 (Participant in graduate research course. Project: ‘Network correlates of molecular evolution in Arabidopsis lyrata’)

Winter quarter 2006 UC Davis TA: PBG 298 (Graduate BioStatistics)

Winter quarter 2005 UC Davis TA: EVE 100 (Evolution)

May 2003—August  2003 UBC NSERC USRA (Dr. Michael Doebeli)

May 2002—August  2002 UBC NSERC USRA (Dr. Michael Doebeli)

July/August 2002, July/August 2001, July 2000, July/August 1999

Junior Counselor at Mathcamp (MFOA)

May 2001—August 2001 NRC WES at BRI (Environmental Microbiology, Montreal)

May 2000—August 2000 NRC WES at ICPET (Air Quality Modeling, Ottawa)

May 1999—December 1999 Undergraduate research assistant at UBC  (Dr. Sarah P. Otto)

January 2000—April 2003 Undergraduate TA at UBC (Mathematics)

Publications: See “Papers”

Talks and Presentations

Gordon Research Conference on Plant Molecular Biology, July 2010, Holderness NH USA (talk)

International Conference on Legume Genomics and Genetics, July 2010, Asilomar CA USA (talk)

Evolution Meeting, June 2010, Portland OR USA (talk)

Plant and Animal Genome, January 2010, San Diego CA USA (poster)

Model Legume Congress, July 2009, Asilomar CA USA (poster)

International Conference on Legume Genomics and Genetics, December 2008, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (poster)

Evolution Meeting, June 2008, Minneapolis MN USA (talk)

Evolution Meeting, June 2006, Stonybrook NY USA (talk)

European Society for Evolutionary Biology, August 2005, Krakow Poland (invited talk)

Gordon Conference in Microbial Population Biology, July 2005, Andover NH USA (poster)

International Network for Social Network Analysis, February 2005, Redondo Beach CA USA (talk)

Evolution Meeting, July 2003, CSU Chico CA USA  (poster)

Canadian Mathematical Society Meeting, December 2003, Vancouver CANADA (invited talk)


GMOD Hackathon, November 2010, NESCent Durham NC USA

Medicago Bioinformatics Workshop, November 2009, JCVI Rockville MD USA

Bodega Phylogenetics Workshop, March 2005, Bodega Marine Lab CA USA

Grants & Awards

NSF Plant Genome Research Project “GEPR: Community Genomics of Local Adaptation in Medicago truncatula (PI: Sergey Nuzhdin, coPIs: Doug Cook, Sharon Strauss, Eric von Wettberg) DBI 0820846

September 2008-August 2011            $3.2M US

Listed as senior personnel, collected preliminary data, spearheaded/co-wrote proposal.


NSF Office of International Science and Engineering, “US-Tunisia Planning Visit: The Genomics of Salinity Adaptation in the Medicago truncatula-Sinorhizobium Symbiosis” (PI: Sergey Nuzhdin, coPI: Sharon Strauss) Award Number 0751073

January 2009-March 2009            $19.5K US

Listed as senior personnel, spearheaded proposal.


NSF DDIG, “DISSERTATION RESEARCH: The Genomic Basis of Adaptation in Experimentally Evolved Rhizobia”

April 2008-Sept 2008            $10.5K US

Graduate Student Travel Award, June 2008            $500 US

PEO Scholar Award, Sept 2007-May 2008            $10,000 US

NSERC PGSD, June 2006-May 2008            $21,000 CDN annually

GSA Travel Award, August 2005            $500 US

NSERC PGSA, Sept 2003-June 2005            $17,500 CDN annually

CPB Research Awards, 2003-2005             $1600 US total

Professional Activities

I belong to the Society for the Study of Evolution and review for the journals Evolution and Planta.