Medicago phenotype app is live!

We’re still in demo/development mode, but the basic application is up at

Model legume growing on Roman ruins in Tunis.

Welcome to Medicago Diversity Experiments

This application aims to enable interaction with phenotype and genotype data in Medicago.
Click on the links in the navigation bar to view data by Project or by Phenotype.

At the foundation of this application is a custom phenotype Ontology specific to Medicago.

There is a GBrowse for M. truncatula and Sinorhizobium

Redmine is an issue-tracker that we use for development. Submit a bug or feature request!

Next Goals:

  • expand plotting capabilities
  • upload additional phenotype data-sets
  • add connections between phenotypes and GWAS results

I’m really excited about the future of this application. Its guts are a well-reasoned schema modified slightly from the current Natural Diversity Module of Chado (GMOD’s collection of schemas). Each experiment that we conduct has meta-data as well as manipulations of genotypes and environments. All of that is transparent in the schema, so we can easily compare across experiments. Additionally, in developing our custom Medicago Ontology we documented measurement protocols to ensure that traits mean the same thing across experiments [working on uploading this].  I hope it becomes useful to the model legume community!



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